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    Don’t you do this to me, Miguel….
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    Also being able to date, go out at night, have a social life, miss every tantrum and vomit day, shower, sleep and piss...
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    This is very true. I was bought into this world with both a mother and father who couldn’t be bothered and was then...
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    The comments below the pic r important ppl need to stop pretending that dads who care for their children don’t exist!
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    SERIOUSLY. I’m sorry that there are women out there who picked a selfish person to procreate with, but let’s not...
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    This. This. This. x3. Guess what, I am just as tired as my wife when the baby is up all night. But no one can feel bad...
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    I have to agree with the above comments! I would NOT be able to say the picture above about my husband because honestly,...
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    an SAV’s Dad…. :(